Channel - WEP 2020 - Personalized Medicine
About the theme 'Personalized Medicine' Personalized Medicine Personalized medicine is the natural progression of medicine and science, that aims at tailoring practices, interactions, and medicine to the individual patient. We must work to ensure that the best medicine is provided to the correct patient for treating and potentially preventing critical illnesses. How is personalized medicine going to impact your personal life? WEP 2020 will focus on the following broad areas: The future of medicine: how can we leverage current science and technology to implement customized treatments, drugs, applications, and biotechnology? The use of personalized medicine and genetic information in security, biology, AI, technology, science. The economic impact of personalized medicine and technology and how does it fit in the vision 2030. The impact of culture, ethics, and the environment on personal health. New trends on well-being and lifestyle.
1/28/2020 9:10:17 AM

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